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Accessit saves time and delivers at every level. Stocktaking is a breeze, updating records and cataloguing is quick and easy. It’s intuitive, fun to use and has made my job so much easier. The support and training is also second to none. I totally recommend it to any school – so many of us have it and love it.

Lynn Vare, Librarian

Otago Boys’ High School,
New Zealand

The thing I hear the most from my students is… “This is so easy!”.

Heather Grey, Librarian

Tauranga Intermediate,
New Zealand

The software is great, but the service is even better…neither library or tech staff have ever been disappointed with our decision for a second.

Karen Thompson, Librarian

Halls Head College,

It was the best training we’ve ever received… We finished our sessions with brains full of great information and not burnt out as we’ve felt in the past with other ILS training and demos. Thanks again for a great product and people!

Nancy W. Body, Librarian

The Hill School,
Pennsylvania, United States

After years of using uninspiring library platforms, I LOVE the way the Accessit dashboard looks and functions! Being able to customize our 2 campuses with news articles, trending titles, One Search and more, engages all of our students from K through 12. And it’s all available anyTIME and anyWHERE with the click of a mouse or app!

SJ Drummond, Librarian/Edtech Resources

Fuqua School,
Virginia, United States

I am smitten with my library catalogue. There. I confess. I have become a catalogue nerd. Accessit is a wonderfully intuitive Library Management System, making creating, amending and streamlining records quick and easy. The administrator interface allows for an excellent customisation of settings, really useful automated features like overdues, and is a joy to use. What really makes it, though, is the user experience for students. With personalised, individual access to borrower areas, and bright, colourful features like the visual search facility, my library catalogue has never looked better from both inside and out! My life is so much easier as a result, the students love it, and the support and customer service is absolutely fantastic. I would wholeheartedly recommend Accessit to any school library. It’s just fab!

Laura McIsaac-Bailey, Librarian

St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form,
United Kingdom

We chose Accessit because of all our options in Library Management Software it provided the best and most personalised student dashboard within the Web App. From the library management perspective Accessit makes many tasks a breeze – cataloguing, overdue lists, and all the routine tasks are done with a minimum of fuss. The company is continually improving the product in response to users’ feedback, and the Accessit support team have been exceptional in responding to our requests and problems. Highly recommend!

Wilma Kurvnik, Librarian

Scotch College,

I recommend Accessit primarily because of what seems to be the core values of the company. You deliver a very good stable and responsive package, you listen to your customers and you don’t try to take the micky about pricing. Exactly what every librarian is looking for.

Wendy Harty, Librarian

Talbot Heath School,
United Kingdom

I am thoroughly enjoying everything which Accessit has to offer. The support team are very responsive, which is a great help, and I feel completely comfortable getting in touch with them when matters arise… The students are loving the accessibility of Accessit and the way it looks. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Judith Case, Learning Resource Centre Manager

Sir Thomas Rich’s School,
United Kingdom

Choosing Accessit was a great decision for us. There are so many things I like – it’s easy for students and teachers to use and the dashboard is a fantastic gateway, not just to books, but e-resources and websites to support research. Being able to give our students year-round, 24/7, off-site access to our library resources is wonderful.

Lesley Martin, former Librarian

Culford School,
United Kingdom

Accessit is a reliable, user friendly and dynamic Library management system. Functions such as circulation are simple but effective and the cataloguing and reporting functions are intuitive. Support when required is timely and the training offered is delivered by staff who have considerable knowledge of the system. I would have no hesitation in recommending Accessit to fellow school librarians.

Duncan Wright, Senior Librarian

St George’s School for Girls,

We have had a long association with Accessit and in all that time we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the developers and the support team. Accessit Library is school and student focused and any support issues have been dealt with in a supportive and timely manner. As IT manager, the software has been easy to install, upgrade, maintain and integrate into our existing IT system.

Vern Dempster, IT Manager

Mahurangi College,
New Zealand

Accessit is reliable and user-friendly, which is why we used it at my last two schools and why I implemented it here at Bohally Intermediate. It’s engaging for students and staff and it complements the curriculum objectives of our school but most importantly, our librarian LOVES using it!

Shane Campbell, Principal

Bohally Intermediate,
New Zealand

Accessit answers all of our primary school library needs and those that continue to evolve. This user friendly, well supported and professional system links our entire school community through an interactive and inviting interface. We have not looked back since purchasing Accessit and three years on we continue to be excited by its features that enhance our Library services.

Kate Mowat, Library Manager

Langwarrin Park Primary School,

Accessit has a great Web App to use with my students. The One Search facility lets me tie in all my online resources in one place, making it easier for students to find everything they need quickly. It is also very easy for me to use too, so a win-win situation all round!

Caroline Roche, Librarian

Eltham College,
United Kingdom

What we liked about Accessit was how easy and intuitive it was to use. It has a dashboard that looks and feels great – and we certainly liked what we had heard from other customers. The on-boarding process was well managed, and the development team was knowledgeable and professional to work with. We have received great support from everyone at Accessit.

John Haynes, Learning Innovation Facilitator

Tyndale Christian School,

New Zealand

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